PBCharts Excel Add-In helps you measure variation in no time!
With useful features meant to make your life easier.

Easily Export Charts

  • Easily export charts to Word, Power Point, Adobe PDF, Graphic PNG file!
PBCharts Indentify Trend

Identify Trends

  • Stay quick-on-the-feet & pinpoint linear or exponential trends in data

Identify Stages

  • Recognize step changes and combine them with identifying trends

Multiple Chart Styles

  • Choose from three boldful styles
  • Limits “with” and “without” zones
  • Selectable special Cause Pattern Tests

Intuitive Dashboards

  • Unlimited number of charts on one screen/page
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Selectable configuration – number of charts, orientation and page sizes
  • Save dashboard configuration by title for future use
  • Dashboards exportable to Word, PP, PDF files

Label Points

  • Add labels to points to explain results
  • Points may be removed to model predictable behavior

Experience the SMARTER & FASTER way to measure variation in a process

With PBCharts Excel Add-In

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